Nitin Jani


An entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience in the diamond industry, Nitin is a humble and calm business leader. He has a strong understanding of the import and export of diamonds including Rough Diamond imports through his working exposure with Hindustan Diamond Company for 22 years.

A sharp and astute visionary known for his fortitude and relentless work ethic by his partners, he spent 13 years leading logistics, and ensuring the import and export lifecycle precisely follows the legal guidelines outlined by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). His curiosity to deep dive into the diamond industry earned him a certification as a graduate gemologist from GIA. Nitin firmly believes that integrity and trust are the core foundations of business engagements upon which one builds a credible reputation.

Deepal Sheth


Deepal has deep hands-on experience across all major functions of a business lifecycle. With more than 25 years of experience in operations, customer service, and marketing across industries such as outsourcing, ITES, and IT, he spent 11 years in the diamond industry. As a result, he has diversified exposure, making him a versatile entrepreneur. Customer, employee, and investor value creation is his top priority.

Deepal is a Post-graduate in Business Administration (PGDBA) and has spent 9 years with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Integrity, Ethics, Respect, and Perseverance are the core values upon which Deepal drives his business engagements. While he believes that innovation drives sustainability, he is equally committed to nurturing a healthy competitive environment and making a difference in shaping society through his endeavors.

Our Values - Being socially responsible

When you think of being more climate-conscious, you might adopt an "all things organic" approach, avoid the use of plastic and prefer recycled items for daily consumption. What you might not imagine is opting for a diamond that has a tremendous impact on climate change.

As consumers, over the years we've become aware of the damaging effects of certain products on the environment. Standard business practices with limited scope for change are now under direct scrutiny as climate experts craft techniques to mitigate carbon footprint to build a greener and sustainable life. One such revolutionary alternative that is gaining momentum in the diamond industry is the possibility of lab-grown diamonds because of their fewer damaging effects on climate.

It is, therefore, worth a thought - "Sustainable diamonds are environment-friendly, cost-effective, and ethically sourced."

We believe in engaging in business practices that create value for our customers and at the same time drive social and environmental impact in a positive way.